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London is the only place that reflects true breadth of culture and history dating back to thousands of years. At every corner of the country there is some historic place, site or a milestone with its own historic evidence and story. That is the primary reason why people from all over the world visit this 2000 years old city. Whether you are a visitor to London or you live in London you have plenty of amazing things to do. Especially the beautiful historic sites that this city boasts about all day and night are the major attractions.

sexy girlPaying a visit to London is always a memorable experience of all times. Here are a few essential historical places in London that you wouldn’t want to miss:

Buckingham Palace:

This internationally famous Palace is highly visited by people from every corner of the world. The palace was originally built by Duke of Buckingham as a townhouse. At present this place is residence of the queen which makes it so obvious to be loaded with all the luxuries of the world. All royal ceremonies are held at this palace. All this makes it the most notable historic landmarks of London.

Westminster Abbey

This was built by King Edgar on a marshy island away from the busy and noisy town. It is actually a Gothic Church located near to the palace of Westminster, in the city of Westminster. The church is open on all the days except Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is one of the most important and historic building built in neogothic style of architecture.

Tower Of London:

Tower of London is the oldest palace in the entire Europe situated on the north bank of the river Thames in Central London. It has served the city in various forms like as an armory, a treasury and a zoological garden as well. This tower is today officially known as €Fortress the Tower of London€. This is open to the people every day in between the months of March and October. This must be visited by every local and visitor as it is the truly fascinating place to visit.

Big Ben:

Big Ben is the most famous hour bell of Great Clock of Westminster. This is the largest clock in Great Britain. It is made on a clock tower at the north end of Palace of Westminster. This tower was named as Elizabeth-II Tower as a tribute to her majesty on the occasion of her silver jubilee year. The clock has become a symbol of Great Britain and United Kingdom and always represents both these towns as a historic landmark.


London is often filled with royalty, rich history and culture. Whenever somebody visits London the first thing he expects is luxury and royalty. This royalty can be seen right from the road where you can always go for a luxury car hire London to the royal hotels that serves you in the best way. If you are a history lover this list is exactly what you want. So go ahead and explore the 2000 year old city.

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