A Professional Tourist Guide Of London

London is a very interesting place. Here, you will meet people who speak with a cockney accent and you will also find a number of amazing tourist attractions including Westminster Abbey and Big Ben as well as Tower Bridge, and a whole lot more. but if you want to see the real London then you will need to hire the services of tourist guides. These tourist guides are very knowledgeable and will show you the city from a different perspective.

London is a city that has something to attract every kind of visitor. Your tourist guides are the best people to show you these attractions. The city has a lot of culture and history and is a great place for shopping and it has something for the urban adventurer as well.

Your local tourist guides can show you London – starting with your morning tea and then taking you to places like Columbia Road Flower Market. These London tourist guides will also show you how to shop for fashionable items in the eastern parts of the city, which have a very Victorian atmosphere.

London tourist guides also know all about the well-known Inns of Court and will encourage you to walk by the banks of the River Thames, where they will help you drink a pint with the crowd that has just completed their day at work.

Every day in this wonderful city will be a new adventure. Your London tourist guides will also give you a chance to experience the original city, which is best known as Square Mile. Here, you will see the places where the Romans made their homes and then you will see the development of the city through the Saxon Period and on to Norman Conquest and more.

There is plenty more in store for you as you visit this wonderful capital city of England. The city is in fact enormous and is noisy as well as vibrant and home to several different cultures. You can ask your London tourist guides to show you different parts of the city.

They will show you place in Central London that will take your breath away. From places like Bloomsbury to Covent Garden to Holborn-Clerkenwell to the famous Leicester Square to Soho, there are many exciting places to visit in Central London.

Then, there are the Inner Boroughs where your London tourist guides will take you to places like Camden and East End, which is the traditional working class heartland. This part of the city has been depicted in numerous movies and includes places like Shoreditch and Hoxton as well as Old Street area. While in this part of the city, be sure to ask your London tourist guides to take you to places like Greenwich and Hackney.

Moving on to the outer boroughs, your London tourist guides will take you to the world famous Wimbledon where the annual tennis championships are held.

There is more to asking your London tourist guides to show you interesting places because they are well informed and will also enlighten you about the rich history of the city, which has existed for 2 millennia.

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